Forest Resort Suites

Welcome to Forest Resort Suites Skiathos

a dreamy forest retreat

In Forest Resort Suites Skiathos you will experience a relaxing and a home-welcoming atmosphere.

It is based in an 8000 sq.m. green land property, with a magnificent see view, located in Troulos area, 7km far away from the Skiathos harbor & Skiathos town.

The property’s ideal location makes it a perfect base to explore Skiathos’ beauties.


Forest Resort features 12 suites with all modern comforts.

Forest Resort Skiathos Suites is a perfect choice for couples and families who want to feel the tranquility of greek nature and live a quiet and relaxing vacation.


Forest Resort Suites Skiathos is located on a privately owned estate of 8 acres with lush pine forest, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, walk in the green, do yoga relaxation, gazing at the sea and the amazing sunset.



Alonia Stiles, Troulos, Skiathos, Greece